Hormonal Imbalance at Risk

It was April of 2016 when i suffered from severe bleeding i thought it was only an ordinary menstrual flow though i was worried due to the amount of  blood flowed out, it looks like jelly in dark red color far from my regular flow which was liquid and red.

I felt no pain at all so i put a regular pad, but through out the day every time i peed, jelly like blood flowed out as big as my palm 7 times the whole day, i went to my OB-gyne for consultation as she assessed me everything was well my trans vaginal ultrasound was normal she asked me if i am prolongue to stress,lack of sleep and pollution and i said yes…She said it was hormonal imbalance https://www.facebook.com/JCpremierecollection she prescribed me medicines to stop the flowing of blood.images-32

Late in the evening, suddenly i felt bad i felt so weak and dizzy until i passed out and ended up at the hospital’s Emergency room.

My Blood Pressure goes down to 60/40 my vital signs was unstable,from my lower back down to my legs were very numb.

I stayed at the hospital for 4 days and 1 bag of blood transfused on me.I thought i was well since blood stopped flowing and my doctor discharged me but i am still in medication.

The night after i was discharged,jelly-like blood flowed out repeatedly.I was rushed to the hospital again and ended up for confinement on the second time around.

My hemoglobin goes down to 53 thus my OB-gyne told me that i needed 4 bags of blood for transfusion i was very weak and pale and yet i hold on to my prayers. I said “God i still have my dreams i dont want to die yet”.Four bags  of blood was transfused,all kinds of test and ultrasounds was done,i took different kinds of hormonal pills in higher dosage. After 2 more days i was stable finally no blood flowed out and to my doctors assessment she advised me to went home but still on medication.

My doctor prescribed me hormonal pills which i needed to took for 6 months to stabilize and balance my hormones but hormonal pills had side effects on me i can’t think normally and lost focus i forgot lot of things like having short term memory loss i went to my OB to addressed my issues she prescribed me another brand of hormonal pills but the effect was still the same so i stopped taking pills instead i tried to used K-Pads the sanitary napkin with negative ions my friend introduced to me and in two months of using it my menstrual flow goes back to normal and i don’t feel any irritation unlike with my ordinary napkin before.images-39Kpads is the only sanitary napkin with negative ion.Negative ions clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles thus it prevents women from irregular menstrual flow,dysmenorrhea,cervical cancer,migraine,breast cancer,myoma and even fever.https://www.facebook.com/JCpremierecollection

I remembered before when my son had a fever my aunt told me that she has napkin with negative ion that can cool down fever, she put the napkin in the forehead of my son like a cool fever and slowly my son’s fever goes down.

K-pad napkins are 100% organic and cotton unlike the ordinary napkin that was made from recycled plastic thus it is very comfortable to use plus it removes bad odor.

Thanks to Kpads negative ion now im  free from hormonal imbalance that once put my life at risk and gave all my savings to the hospital which suppose for my son’s future.

To all my fellow women stop suffering from dysmenorrhea,migraine,irregular menstrual flow,itchiness,irritation,mood swings ,worriness for leakage and prevent cervical cancer.K-pads napkin is now the answer our new bestfriend!

On how and where to buy K-pads napkin click the link below



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